Why Integrative Doctor?

Will you find a medical doctor or a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner when you are sick?

Do you think integrative doctors are the best?

Integrative doctor means a doctor who has knowledge of both TCM and modern medicines. The type of doctor you are looking for must be a qualified from both medical trainings perspective. He will be able to combine the best therapies of modern medicine with the best available of alternative TCM medicine (the best from East and West) and neither rejects modern medicine nor accept TCM uncritically.

Modern medicine is handling well on emergency conditions such as massive injury or a life threatening cases whereas Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treat root cause, pain management by using natural therapies. TCM has no side effects, inexpensive and invasive compare to modern medicine.

However, the challenge for TCM is not well regulated which lead to rampant of unlicensed or fake practitioners in the market, and cases are reported in the daily news of patients being cheated.

Give you an example of the role of integrative medicine plays in cancer treatment. Cancer patient may need oncologist to remove a tumour or to undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Integrative doctor looks at the patient's body, mind and spirit in totality by using acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine. Modern medicine is focused on destroying the weed while integrative medicine concentrates on treating the soil where weed grows. Cancer patients treated concurrently with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in order to contain the side effect of chemotherapy like associated nausea, vomiting, appetite loss, insomnia, pain relief and many more. It will increase energy 'qi' and may even prolong the life.

AIM Healthcare TCM integrative clinic is designed with providing holistic treatment with specialisation in cancer, stroke and pain management. It brings acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine directly into a conventional cancer therapy setting and treatment is tailored specifically to the patient's needs.

Our founder is a qualified medical doctor  by profession and also licensed TCM practitioner, who has vast knowledge and experience in medical field. Our doctor is also conducting research to better understand how acupuncture complement cancer treatment, which will help us to understand how acupuncture can best help each individual patient.

​The principle of integrative medicine is partnership between patient and practitioner in the healing process.